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PT Berina Tirta Gemilang was established on 2008. A trader which growing rapidly become one of the best
trader company specialty in general chemical Indonesia.

PT Berina Tirta Gemilang was founded by three people who come from different background. The founder who
expert in general chemical makes PT Berina Tirta Gemilang able to give the solutions for chemical needs. Suppported by founder who expert in transportation field makes PT Berina Tirta Gemilang can keep the customer satisfaction through on time delivery. In another side a founder who expert in accounting and finance field makes PT Berina Tirta Gemilang establish as a strong company with a good financial. “A good combination bring on a good company”.

PT Berina Tirta Gemilang can survive and being reliable partner on chemical supply because we holding the principles :

  • Build a good business with trust
  • Enlarge supplier networking to provide product in any feld
  • Rise the customer satisfaction with guarantee supply in quality, quantity and delivery
  • Improve knowledge & skill of our people to serve better
  • Nimble in problem solving to keep customer's production going well
  • Achieve the aim of the company by using a fine working system to set all of duty
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Ruko Mahkota Ancol Blok B No. 5
Pademangan Barat, Jakarta Utara
Telp : +62 817 9817
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